I’m still working on sound effects/music and it is coming together very nicely, I’m quite proud of what i’ve been able to accomplish so far despite the fact that audio production is among the weakest of my skillsets right down there with modeling/texturing.

I produced this little piece… but i’m not 100% sure if I even want to use it. Most importantly, the music has to fit the visuals being displayed and I’ll probably ask Taben for a second opinion when I can show it to him.

The Dying Soul

Also, rendering is going slowly. There are minor mistakes that I didn’t want in the final product so I scrapped upwards of 20 hours of rendered images to re-do them. It really pangs me to do that, but I want to let as few problems slip past as possible. For instance, I had used a looping glow effect for Charlie’s eyes in episode 3 that had unintentially transposed into the scenes hes involved in for episode 4… because glow is a post-render effect it does not show up at all in previews. It would make no sense if I didn’t re-do stuff like that. One thing I dislike the most about 3d production is that there are a lot of instances where you are essentially working blind… there is stuff that you never see until the final image is rendered out.