One thing i’ve been thinking about lately is what am I going to do with these files after I’m done making Delura EP 004? I definitely don’t want to delete them considering they constitute 2200+ hours of rendering time. The frames were processed on admittedly inferior computers, and ~400 hours were processed with the help of Johnny Voruz’s quad-core systems (where every frame would have taken my system 21 minutes to process EACH). What if I want to re-do the video or format my content with a different codec or size?

Right now, my images (at 90% renders completed) take up 20.3 gigs of hard drive space and eventually I’ll need to find a means to archive or store it safely for later use without taking up precious digital real-estate on my main system. PNG files do not compress well, so zipping them up isn’t an option. Considering we’re broke and pretty much in the same boat as many other hard-working developers like us, this will require some creative thinking and perhaps some asking around. After Delura EP 004, I plan on setting up a video detailing about and offering anyone the chance to donate used equipment, funds, or otherwise to help overcome some of the obstacles we have. I highly doubt we’ll get any help, but someone told me that I should at least put it out there… can’t hurt right?

At this time, I am polishing the sound/music the best I can… making sure the audio is balanced and tweaking sounds to the best of my limited ability. I also need to get that revamped episode post-title card done.