There are still some very minor snippets of rendering to do, but it can wait until the final product is about done. I now have everything I need to finish this beast.

Today I am piecing together the last of the video and doing some major work on SFX. I have a few things I feel will be challenging to develop:

1) How to simulate the Ixarian race’s vocals (IE: when they are not speaking via a voice device)? I know what I want them to sound like, but actually creating the sounds and crafting them in a way that makes sense in the long term will be something to think about. Should I try to just use my own voice and heavily modify it while transposing letters of every word to make the language sound legit? Or do I find household items and try to whip up something from that? Only time will tell what method I choose, this will likely be the last sound related thing I do.

2) How to simulate Lugarian vocals? (same issues as above, but not as critical since the only natural speak is background noise).

3) Audio balancing. Making sure that every second of the video (and every single sound effect) has the right amount of volume is a much tougher job than one may think. Delura EP 004 utilizes over 150 sounds, (many which I created from scratch) not including the voice actor’s contributions. I may actually make up a full-episode soundfile and ask if anyone wants to listen to it and give me feedback on whether they feel the volume is okay before release. We’ll see how successful I am in this regard when Delura EP 004 is released… wish me luck there.

4) Simulating large room ambience and sounds. This has proven to be very difficult and none of the filters I can find on audacity seem to do the job believably. I have a feeling I’ll have to settle with the minor echoing effects and basic mixing that I placed in, but its something I’m really going to have to work on in future installments to really give the environments audio detail. I don’t know if the software I currently use is even capable of achieving the effects that I want.

5) Minor music compilations for the remainder of footage that needs it. I feel i’ve been doing an okay job in this regard without help but I think from EP 005 and onward I’m going to start exploring the possibility of collaboration. That’s one big weakness of being a “jack of all trades” kind of developer; there are a lot of areas where I am weak from a production value standpoint. However, I should note that I have been utilizing royalty free music from a video content developer I know which I feel fits some of my own content quite nicely.

With luck, Delura ep 004 will be released next sometime week barring complications or production issues.

EDIT: Ugh, why did apartment maintenance choose TODAY to start pounding the walls next door and running noisy equipment!?

EDIT2: Ok, loud puttering lawnmowers outside (again which our paper-thin walls/windows cannot absorb) tells me that something is hell-bent on ruining my audio productivity for today.