Currently I’m experiencing some jarring, almost show-stopping issues regarding video rendering. The SFX is about 95% done, so I decided to render out some test videos of the final product and I’m extremely disappointed with the results.

The source videos look fine and play exactly as I would want them to… but when I render them out from my video program about half of the video plays very choppy as if frames are being outright dropped. Here’s the details of the video codecs I’m using:

Size: 1280 x 720
Framerate: 20
Video Sample Size: 24 bit
Codec: DivX 6.8.5

I’ve experimented with other codecs and they all seem to have the same issue. Worse yet, a lot of other options, such as MPG, only render out at 30fps, which means even more frame-stuttering (in addition to the issues the AVI codecs suffer).

I’ve tried everything I can think of at this time: Increasing the framerate to 40fps, switching formats, lowering resolution, increasing bitrate… nothing seems to work. It’s a real kick in the ribs, but I’m looking for a solution. If I don’t find a fix, its going to be very difficult to accept this quality level after the 5+ months worth of work i’ve put into this episode.

The next episode of Delura will likely be rendered out at 15 frames per second instead of 20… it will cut down render times without a big loss of quality and since 30 FPS is divisible by 15, that theoretically means there should be no stuttering in the end product.