I managed to work through the stuttering video issue with *okay* video quality by just settling with mpg @ 60 FPS/40,000kbps data rate… horribly inefficient but it works.

I think the biggest issue concerning quality is as thus:

1) My video editor does not support frame-to-video editing. This means that I have to take my frames and compile them into a lossy video format. (Lossy compile #1)

2) After putting together my video, I then have to compile the entire project again to put all the clips/transitions/post production effects together… (Lossy compile #2)

3) Upload to YouTube, which applies yet another lossy compile process to my video… (Lossy compile #3).

So… from start to finish my video gets re-compressed three times. I’ve accepted that quality for my other projects, but for Delura this is something I want to see change in the near future.