Pretty much all that’s left to do is the following:

-Ixarian native-sounding vocals
-Aiden’s utterances/misc vocals
-Re-designed ending titlecard and credits (there are a lot of people to give credit to this time around, I want to be careful not to leave anyone out)
-Ambient interior wind sounds for Tor Facility surface level (I may or may not add this… if I feel it sounds good when I hear it with the video I’ll leave it in)
-Around 5-10 seconds worth of animation/rendering.

After that, it’s about a 4 gigabyte upload to youtube which I imagine will take about 30 hours to do on my DSL connection. Hopefully, the upload and Youtube encoding process goes smoothly… in the past i’ve had issues ranging from video codec incompatibility to audio lag. I think I’ll do a 10MB upload just to test the waters before the mega-upload.

Just as a final note: While I do still intend to have a specific numbering scheme for denoting installments on the web, I think I may combine installments for the purposes of any non-web releases I may make. For instance, episodes 1-3 would be combined to constitute episode 1, since EP 004 is actually longer than the first three episodes combined… does that make sense?