I’ve had a lot of time to sit back, reflect, relax, and watch some other webseries. It is so good to know that I’m not the only one crazy enough to put so much time and energy into stuff like this… motivation is a difficult commodity to come by and without the work of others to admire I do not know where Delura would be right now.

EP 004 was tough and lengthy to create; there were a lot of instances where I had to learn how to actually do some of the effects seen in that installment. There were a lot of firsts in there. While I feel what i’ve contributed in that installment is unarguably my most advanced work yet, I still think my abilities leave something to be desired… I also still haven’t reached that point of Zen where I don’t have to stop, think, and plan out how to do every little thing to make things possible.

EP 005 is going to present some unique challenges in addition to my determination of improving and building upon not only my skillset, but my methods of presenting the content that I help to create.

Some of these challenges:

1) I need to keep installments shorter… I feel that if I keep spending 4-6 months on an installment it will be hard to maintain any kind of audience. Audience may not be in my priority list, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care about it: I almost depend on the audience to help me refine my skills and direct me as to how I can make the show more enjoyable. I need to find ways to script good start/stopping points in our show so that this is possible. Looking back though, I don’t want to fall back to the production values (by this I mean visual/animation) of episode 2-3 which I now feel are terrible. I consider those installments far inferior in comparison to episodes 1 and 4. That’s just my opinion.

2) I need to find ways to increase efficiency. This means finding new ways to animate things, finding shortcuts to otherwise complicated special effects, developing ways to better manage stock animations (without reducing quality of work), etc.

3) EP 005 introduces the Tor facility as it normally is: BUSY. I will need to develop ways to heavily populate an environment without requiring an unreasonable amount of work. I have ideas of how this can be done… but I have doubts as to whether those ideas look as good on paper as they do in application. I’m also concerned about whether our systems can actually handle something like that… I’m really going to have to be careful about just how much burden I put on our systems this time around.

4) Improving production values. I want to rely a little less on dialogue scenes and really make the Delura universe feel tangable and believable. I will be researching new methods of animating characters in this installment.

For now, I may be working on a Delura-related mini-project in the coming days, then I will be looking over some rough draft scripts and trying to refine and polish it into something compatible with my goals stated above.

EDIT: As a final thought, I am also seriously contemplating the possibilities of collaboration regarding the Delura project’s visual content. This poses challenges as well though as i’ve never really worked with another person for anything other than audio-related stuff… add to the fact that I’m a little anti-social and it is indeed daunting.