Delura needs to be populated with random folks, so I spent some time making some background characters you may see in the show. As you may notice, the modular approach I’m using makes things nice and quick, taking base race/uniform models and just shaping them into different looks. They don’t play any important part, but will add to the atmosphere. I couldn’t resist posing them for a screenshot. I wasn’t aiming for perfection, just wanted something to show.

I may need to make a few more models, but they will probably just be re-colored versions of these guys for use in far-off backgrounds. These characters will be used when extras need to be more close up.

The uniforms are color coded as you may imagine. In the Tor facility, the functions are as follows (not all of which are shown):

Green = Engineer
White = Medical Specialist
Blue = Mineship Operator
Black = Security Personnel
Yellow = Traffic Control Officer
Purple = Data management