I figured I’d detail a little on the mini-project.

Basically, it is consistent of ~1 minute of animation and live footage of who we are, where we work and what we do.

What is it about? To put it in a nutshell, I want to let people know that we are open to two major types of contributions towards the Delura project:

1) CONTRIBUTE: Invite talented viewers who share our passion to contribute their work in Delura episodes and become part of the Tanadrine Studios visual production team (currently, the entire “team” of that department is me, heh). I’ll get into more detail about how this will work when I release the video and info pages. Regarding collaborations, I have never really worked with anyone concerning visual content before so I imagine it will be a clumsy, trial-and-error process at first. Delura is essentially a non-profit project and I doubt that will change any time soon, so this is not for those who view this as an investment.

2) DONATE: Invite people to donate either funds or used equipment to help overcome financial/technology barriers. Delura is going to be produced despite our setbacks, but if people want to help put us on the fast lane of production this will improve our workflow tremendously.

I realize our core audience is microscopically small compared to other productions and how extremely unlikely that we will receive help in this matter in any way, shape or form, but I figure I would at least make it possible to help in the first place.

After the miniskit is done, we’ll really have to think about the exact details for the options to contribute/donate.