My mini-project called for me to do some high-volume vocals… but there are a few problems with doing this in our apartment:

1) We’d probably get the fire department and/or police called on us.
2) Our neighbors would likely threaten to kill us given the walls between apartments are literally a single sheet of sheetrock.
3) Maintenance has been doing some noisy work on the next door apartment lately so I can only record in the evening.

So, getting my hands on a laptop I nabbed my headset, got into the car and found an empty parking lot where I would be able to do the vocals without worrying about anything (other than occasional traffic trying to get into my recordings). I think it turned out alright given I’m only using a USB headset… it’s not perfect but it’ll work.

Dev commentary below (the lighting is a work in progress). I’m going to try to use this project to learn something new… maybe take another crack at Radiosity lighting.