I sifted through all the recording I did last night and managed to put it together… I am a little concerned whether 7 minutes is too long, but everything I wanted to say is in that timeframe. Basically, I go over the 3 major things in my video:

1) Tanadrine Studios. What qualifies me, what i’ve done, what I do.
2) The desire for talent to join us.
3) The offer to donate to our cause (be it equipment, funds or otherwise).

Later as stated in the previous post I need to put in some supporting images/video to overlay on top of my recording.

I feel like i’ve probably spent way more time on this than I should have, knowing how unlikely this is to get any response but I couldn’t bring myself to rush through it.

Audio file pulled from video below. I will balance the volume later. If there is something you feel is missing, or something seems said ambiguously feel free to comment:


The Fiery Trial