Looks like this 1-minute of animation will require around 20 hours to render. Sharing the burden between our 2 systems, it should be mostly done by tomorrow assuming no major render errors or unexpected calculation spikes. The long render time is due to me deciding to use a combination of dither-blur, soft filter and 5-pass anti-aliasing… initially I had felt dither blur doesn’t work, but after tweaking some settings and doing countless test renders I think I got a quite-usable result.

Vector blur, as someone suggested was another option I considered but it doesn’t quite work as intended with high-movement scenarios (flailing arms)… shame, because vector blur only requires a fraction of the time as normal blurring methods do. However, I do have ideas for situations where vector blur would really come in handy. My biggest gripe with Lightwave’s motion blur capabilities is the fact that you absolutely cannot choose what gets blurred and what does not.

EDIT: Ok I lied, i’m doing 9 pass renders. It’ll take a day longer but I figure since its only 1 minute of animation with simplistic scenery I’ll eat the render time that results.