The finished rendition of the page here. It just needs the live video which will be uploading overnight tonight. I decided to use a separate account so the video is exclusive to the website.

In other news, the computers are grinding away at rendering images… the most graphically intensive portions of the video are requiring 11 minutes per frame, though everything else is around 1-2 minutes/frame.

Tomorrow, I think I’ll finally begin work on Delura EP 005 starting with the script. I have a lot of pondering to do in that regard because I’m trying to make the benefit versus workload ratio a bit more reasonable (so installments don’t take half a year to make).

EDIT: I’m working on the website a bit and adding backdrops to all the pages. Its not done yet, but I think it makes reading a little more comfortable on the eyes. It’d be cool if the green line would wrap around the top and bottom of the frame, but I think that’d require some crazy programming knowledge that I don’t have.