After an uninspiring week of many college essays and assignments on subjects I doubted even the instructors cared remotely about, its time to do some writing that actually serves a purpose.

To write my episodes, I use the free program Celtix which i’ve found really handy. After writing the first two installments of Delura I began to realize how difficult it was becoming to keep all of my story organized as I was writing it and jotting down possible ideas. It’s hard to do organizing in a notepad file, sure you can search for key words but it is nice to be able to just click on a chapter and see whats been plotted down. Its a good thing too, because the plot I have in my mind is becoming somewhat complicated with every character’s actions influencing the others in some way.

But, even despite having a script I don’t always follow it to the nose. For instance, I had intended for the initial scene between Aiden and Charlie to take place in the Surface level mess hall, but then decided to have it take place in the Wanderer’s Waypoint Hotel lobby. Another change was that Charlie’s voice actor was originally slated to do the dialogue when he snaps, but his “angry voice” we both decided was not as intimidating as it needed to be… so we brainstormed between emails for a bit and after some thought it just made more sense to have him speak in native tongue because really, it requires concentration to use thought articulators, and that’s not something you have when you’re mad.

Seeing the rough draft for EP 005 and how different it is from what i’ve been brainstorming for the last 2 months I think I’m just going to have to scrap most of it. Ah well.

EDIT: meh, getting the ball rolling is always the hardest part… as i’ve said before, the first 20% of a creative project is 80% of the work.

Its kind of funny actually, Delura EP 005 I’m imagining opens up with a newscast similarly styled to what you might see on TV… but I haven’t really watched TV for at least 5 years so i’ve been watching news debates and shows on YouTube to try to get a feel as to how everyone behaves and talks in that setting, using that as valuable input in attempts to make the world of Delura feel more real. There’s other questions I need to answer too… like what kind of people do they usually drag into those debates? Are they corporate directors of a company or usually government individuals? Both? What are their occupations? How do I coordinate the dialogue sound like an argument? How should I transition from the newscast to the main plotline? Yeah, I got my work cut out for me