I discovered just what the compositing tab can do in Lightwave and I feel kind of foolish for not experimenting with it more… I guess I just used the wrong colors and settings. I was actually tipped off by YouTube user bryphi77 who commented on my DevDiary #5 video to point me towards the DP filters plugin. DP filters yields a ton of options for image enhancement, but that was only half of the puzzle. The other half was figuring out how the heck you combine two images in the first place; something I had no clue how to accomplish in Lightwave… the DP filter looks like it was designed for image sequences, so that prompted further investigation.

After some looking around, things have just gotten really, really interesting…

the image below is an example of a motion-blurred box test I did. The background and object were separate images combined using Lightwave.

And what I don’t even mention in this writeup is that I can now do all kinds of time-saving tricks… for instance, my computer will never have to re-render the background during still shots again… countless machine hours will be saved (or just re-allocated elsewhere, heh).