I do enjoy writing, but I like to distract myself with other activities as well to keep my mind fresh and to prevent writer’s block or burnout (actually, I probably do this in all phases of the creation process: alternating tasks). I’m currently working on a motion mixer tutorial for Lightwave which I feel might be very useful to a lot of people. The big issue with the current tutorials out there is that they don’t really describe how to use motion mixer to actually move your character around in 3d space… What if your character’s Center of Gravity bone moves around? What if the character isn’t even in the bounding box? How do you get around common problems? My video won’t go over setup and basic usage, there’s already videos out there that cover that well enough. Even after EP 004’s production i’ve put in a lot of time researching and refining my current workflow with motion mixer… it may not be perfect, but it works for me.

As for the writing process, I think I have a pretty good opening sequence whipped up. Delura EP 005 kind of reveals intergalactic politics and how the setting that Aiden resides in relates to the rest of the galaxy’s inhabitants more or less. I’ll need to find a few new voice actors for the new characters introduced, but I have some ideas as to where I can find them… I’ll likely be looking to people who played extras in EP 004 and also recommendations made on voice acting alliance forums before making any official auditions. Voice casting is still a week or two off at this point however.

QUESTION FOR ANY READERS PLEASE GIVE INPUT!: One thing I am really torn about is whether I want to consider making micro-episodes or not… by this, I mean taking a single scene, even if it only consists of 1-2 minutes of footage and making it into an episode. For instance, I could make that news segment I mentioned below into a single episode, which consists of about 1:30 worth of footage. Does anyone have any opinions on this? Would you rather see a more complete, beginning-middle-end episode or would you rather have glimpses of the Delura universe that reveal the story piece by piece? Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

EDIT: I may post the question above on youtube as well, I really need as much feedback on this as I can get.