Even though Celtx has long-replaced my means of jotting down my polished writing, I still do use notepad as a preliminary way of getting the “big ideas” down. For example, EP 004’s “big ideas” were:

-A conflict between two unknown, oddly similar figures (leaves purposely unanswered questions).
-Doctor tells Aiden to leave, believing he is physically fine but “insane” from trauma. Aiden disagrees with diagnosis.
-Viewer discovers real stuff like “physical paper” is non-existent in Delura’s universe, Karnagie gives Rudo an order based on disappearance of a person… the purpose of this is unknown.
-Aiden is poorly treated by others because of his lifestyle and personality before his accident… no one takes his injuries seriously, this angers him.

…you get the idea. I’m still pecking away at the “big ideas” of EP 005 (which may get split into 2-3 seperate episodes), but it has been a balancing act between the story I want to convey and how long it will take if I include everything that I want to… it’s hard to do, but I’m taking my time with it.