Probably not much to look at over the next few days… not as if I have anything to show in the writing process other than spoilers that would ruin the entire plot for EP 005. I hope to be ready to begin the insanely huge task of visual elements next week if all goes smoothly and I should be ready to send off the finalized script to all of the current voice actors as well as audition the new character roles.

A list of things that I plan to do for visual elements:

  • Completely re-model the morphic (anthropomorphic) characters to make them organic or mostly organic in addition to improving their appearance and make them more flexible regarding expression. I’d like to re-model the other races too, but it’ll have to be on an “as-needed” basis.
  • Completely re-build character rigs (because my old rigs were only designed for non-organic characters). Fortunately, I have a few new tricks up my sleeve that will make animation both easier and better so this is well worth the extra effort.
  • Completely re-organize the way I save, use, and import characters. My old rigs were saved as .rig files, but I found it’s actually way easier to have each character rig in a separate scene file. The .rig method often doesn’t play well with nulls either. The .rig format in my eyes is broken and should never, ever be used by *anyone*.
  • Utilize skills I learned from my studies of motion mixer during and after EP 004 to make pre-built animations for doing full-body-movement for characters liberally and easily. This is going to become absolutely critical in EP 005 and onward… the fixing of the .rig point mentioned above will alleviate huge problems that motion mixer has with rigs imported via that method (you get duplicate bone names, so multiple characters + .rig import + motion mixer = disaster).
  • Standardize any particle effects, saving them into their own scene files so that I never have to deal with creating particles more than once (it’s a huge pain in the ass to do particle stuff in Lightwave).
  • Archive and organize all of Delura’s source files from EP 001-004 so that I can create a more standardized, easier to manage file system. A lot of my earlier content has a lot of inefficiencies and messed up models, rigs and sofourth that do nothing but put clutter in my way. When that’s done, I’ll be deleting everything except for the elements I intend to use for EP 005 and onward.

I realize the magnitude of the above tasks, but they need to get done and I really want to push the boundaries of my abilities in EP 005.