I think I’m almost done with big ideas (and the order they occur in) of EP 005, and what exactly I want it to include given the constraints I have on production. Hopefully the voice actors who I originally slated to appear in EP 005 won’t be too disappointed to find they have been pushed back to EP 006.

Things that kind of have me thinking and might prompt some research of screenwriting techniques:

  • Is there an easy way to separate two or more plot lines that occur at the exact same time? How do you make this obvious to the viewer if Delura’s time format is not the same as Earth’s? Perhaps using the same number in the opening sequence of the episodes might prompt some realization of Delura’s “intergalactic” timecode? Maybe have the exact news segment of EP 005 also display in EP 006 in the background somewhere to show that the character being focused on is being depicted in the same timeframe as in last episode? Heh… I hope things don’t get confusing.
  • Some challenges lie in a character’s instinctive actions. To provide an abstract example, if you were a pizza cook at a restaurant and suddenly the oven dies, wouldn’t you tell the manager immediately? What if the story only makes sense if the character does not? For everything that is happening around the characters, their “instinctive actions” typically also need be satisfied (unless other factors come into play) or else the story will feel scripted.

Yeah… just some random thoughts for those 1-2 people that follow this blog, heh.