Writing for EP 005 is done, but I think I’ll let the writing stew in my mind for a week before sending out scripts to VAs and making auditions in case I want to make any last minute changes… or I dug myself into a future plot hole. The story is not something I want to rush, and I know the visual aspects will take a long time to do anyways so its not like its critical I get stuff sent out now like in previous installments.

The next few updates should be a little less dull, its more fun to show off visual aspects and Lightwave 3d technical behind the scenes stuff than it is to talk about the writing process.

As an off-topic note: I will concurrently be working on the first “Indie Highlights” publication covering the Frontier – Prelude to Darkness webseries by Lewis Roscoe which I’ll probably have done in the next 2 weeks.