Still working on Rudo. I think things are shaping up, but there is still work to do on him. Namely, I want to tame and brush up his head to make his hair less “bedheadish”, then I need to add Rudo’s foot gear, which will, in a way, resemble the foot gear that Lucius wears in EP 002… I may add a simple hair texture to his head and feet if it looks good. I’m still concerned about the rigging process which will immediately follow upon completion of this model.

EDIT: There’s also the option of utilizing “Sasquach” in Lightwave to get rid of the smoothness and raw factor of my anthropomorphic characters, but the render hit would be quite high if I used it. Keep in mind that this is Sasquach LITE, which makes for a great preview of what its capable of, but is very limited in how much modification I’m able to do. The full version is $200, ouch! Below is the result is a few minutes of experimentation, not really a serious attempt to utilize the plugin.