Something finally clicked with UV texturing (well, thanks to a plugin)… I still have a bit of practicing to do with this newfound skill but I’m pretty excited about the new possibilities this opens up. Before this, I actually had to do weightmaps with nodal textures over multiple surfaces in order to “fake” UVs but it had significant drawbacks and was a real pain in the ass to work with. I’ve actually done texturing in the past via modification of game models, but the UV maps were always pre-made.

Worked on the feet tonight as well but they aren’t done yet, I may tweak the design a little bit. morphic characters in the Delura universe don’t typically wear footwear like what you might see in the real world, but some exceptions exist. Ixarians are similar-minded considering their exoskeleton body structure. Though, it is going to be kinda jarring considering the fact Rudo wore boots in EP 003… they were just easier to model at the time.

Man… I hope the next models I do will go faster, perhaps the extensive amount of practice I’m getting from Rudo will help me out a little in the future speed-wise.