Here’s a video on the work i’ve been doing over the past 2 weeks. Still a lot of stuff to do… but that’s pretty much a constant in webseries production isn’t it?

Exerpt from YouTube description:

I’m very hard at work trying to raise the bar with character design/visuals and I began by completely re-building Rudo… eventually, ALL of the Delura characters will get this treatment but for now I’m just focusing on the anthropomorphic models which will be seen in EP 005. The rig is that which will be used across all of Delura’s biped characters and it will speed up the animation process significantly (which will hopefully compensate somewhat for the amount of extra time it takes for me to make the more detailed models).

I can’t take all the credit though, there were a few things that helped me out:

1) MakeHuman freeware. I actually used the mesh from that program as a proportion guide (in a seperate layer) to help me with forming up Rudo’s body structure. I also directly took the hands from the mesh and applied it to mine and modified it because of the superior poly flow they had.

2) I used some rigging and modeling techniques employed from 1mfilms’s production of Adrenaline Street Racing, and their work also catalyzed ideas of my own. Big thanks to them, check out their work @!

3) HUGE thanks to Lightwave forum member evenflcw for his free custom NullAsChild script. It is hard to describe just how time-saving this simple function is.

Wish us luck in producing EP 005 of Delura… there is still a TON of work to do. Actually, Rudo isn’t done as of this video, I still have some misc controls to put onto him that will link with certain endomorphs. The new model certainly isn’t without its blemishes and limitations but I think it is a good start.