The holidays always throw a wrench into my production schedule… meh. Anyways, the Delura biped rig is 100% done. I did away with my plans to automate the tail animation and decided that IKbooster would be easier and more flexible.

Anyways, for those who are curious about the rig, i’ve made up a sample scene file that anyone with Lightwave can play around with. Since I changed the model and ripped the textures off, some elements may not work as it does on the original file.

The rig is by no means perfect or without flaws, but I really like working with this style of setup.

EDIT: I lied, now the rig and Rudo should be complete… I might add a misc control or two when I finally start animating him in Delura EP 005, but I feel this template has enough flexibility to be utilized across all my bipeds. I also added the last of the endomorphs needed.

I’ll be out for the next 2 days probably, but the next order of business is to send out the scripts to the voice actors and then start on making some more characters using a blanked out Rudo mesh as a template… where I can at least, not everyone is wearing Tor Facility Uniforms in this episode.