I’ve got him modeled and rigged up, and I had to re-tool the rig much more than I anticipated and I hit a lot of snags along the way regarding deformations:

-Aiden’s fingers are skinny, meaning the classic “bone-joint-pinch” issue is more obvious when you bend his fingers in certain ways. I tried using rotate pivot (to pitch) + joint compensation, but the joint compensation options make the deforms twist up a bit. My guess is that this is because the finger bones aren’t oriented parallel to the origin… I don’t have time or patience right now to experiment with that theory though. I can let it slide for normal shots, but if I want to get closeup shots of his fingers bending it’ll require tedious joint morphs or cycler/bone solutions. Cycler is a great tool, but the more cycler stuff I put onto a rig I found, the harder the rig is to adapt to other characters, especially if their size/build changes.
-Most endomorphs had to be completely redone, none of them worked after the changes… ah well.
-Some re-weighting was also needed as expected.
-Leg and hand bone setup had to be adjusted or re-built entirely… was a pain in the ass.
-The looping animations i’ve made so far for Rudo work on Aiden but require adjustments.

I am hoping that I had this much trouble creating a new character because the body size and build was significantly smaller than Rudo’s… and that when I create characters with a similar body mass/build to Aiden that it’ll be a far simpler process. I’m really pressing myself hard to find ways to make both modeling and custom rigging a faster and easier process from a development standpoint. Perhaps as time goes on and with experience I’ll be able to just put stuff together without so much time spent stopping and thinking how to figure things out.