Although Lucius doesn’t appear much in EP 005, I just have a very strong urge to give him a facelift… I think I’ll start that today.

Like i’ve done in previous blog entries, I’m going to make up a list to keep myself on track. The following elements need to be created before I can even think of animating anything:

-Model: Give Lucius a major facelift (I will be experimenting with new modeling techniques while I do so like alpha paneled hair)
-Model: A few more upgraded extra models (i’ve already started on this)
-Model: Lugarian newscaster model, possibly the template for all future Lugarian upgrades. Clothing concept will need to be fleshed out before modeling.
-Rig: Re-do the Lugarian rig for easier and more straightforward movement controls… I really want to make them move fluidly and need to experiment here.
-Model: 2 new Morphic characters, significant members of the Tanadranian government. Thankfully I only have to model from the waist up for now.
-Auditions: With character models done, give the script’s dialogue a final verification pass and send out auditions, reviewing them as they are received.
-Model: Re-build the Mineship model. I feel I’m slightly better practiced in modeling than when I first started Delura, so I’ll attempt to re-do these.
-Environment: Lugarian newsroom (probably not what you’d be used to seeing).
-Environment: Multi-leveled Mineship hangar/warehouse. I’m imagining it being filled with machinery, ships etc to make it a busy-looking environment when in operation.
-Environment: Old-styled communications room (adjacent to warehouse). Because libasie by itself doesn’t work far beneath the surface of Tor (which will be explained briefly via dialogue), a lot of technology used may bear similarities to technologies used today… IE: Lots of wires, bulky monitors, bulky computers.
-Environment: ?Rudo’s room? There is a event that will happen, but I am unsure as to whether it will happen in Rudo’s room or elsewhere. We’ll see what happens here, it also depends on how much time all the other elements take.

…man this list is daunting. To me, modeling in general probably constitutes ~80% of the workload in Delura… again it is not something I consider myself all that great at but it is a skill I need to keep hammering at. I also need to get faster at modeling, which is something I’m very concerned about.