As suggested in commentary in a previous blog entry, I decided to experiment a little with actually putting normal/bump maps onto my characters by simply applying a flattened out turbulence procedural texture on Lucius’s face/hair… it definitely breaks up the flatness factor but I think I need to go in and make several custom bumpmap textures so it meshes better with his fur. If it looks right and barring no complications, I may very well apply this to all my other characters. I’m also thinking of giving Aiden the same hair styling treatment is Lucius, but it’ll have to wait until I’m developing Delura EP 006… and the old Aiden model will be turned into an extra or background character.

I also looked at normal maps, but they seem much harder to deal with than bump maps… I honestly didn’t know the difference, but apparently normal maps work on 3 axis’s in faking lighting whereas bumpmaps simply raise or lower the appearance in reference to lighting? ….yeah.

I didn’t get much done today, felt like crap.