I spent most of the day trying to figure out the best way to set up this Lugarian… a lot of research and development has been done. The old rig just used IKbooster + bones (that’s what’s shown in the image below so far), but I want to put in some solutions that can help me move these creatures more fluidly and more quickly. I just found out about PLG’s “curve conform” tool and I think it might be just what I’m looking for in animating the lower body and tail. Sucks that I found out about it AFTER rigging… aarrrghhhh!!!! I will probably have the rig re-tooled to take advantage of that plugin tomorrow.

Below shows some techniques I developed for 2 nifty functions.


Working overnight, I managed to complete the rig… it is way better than the old version and I’m really getting anxious to use all the new rigs and character models i’ve made. So much more modeling to do… … …

The sad thing is that the end result is actually fairly simple… just took a long time to figure out. PLG tools are a lifesaver. The diamonds control the tail and do not move when the Lugarian moves (kinda simulates IK that way), the circle controls body movement and direction and the head controller is impossible to gimble lock.

Next I’ll be making a set of basic endomorphs for the eyes, then whipping up the first polished and designed Lugarian using the template I created.