I made a set of endomorphs for the Lugarian template and also made slight adjustments to the rig (chest deforming and parenting setup of tail nulls for quicker control).

I also did some concept work in my sketchbook trying to figure out more styles for Lugarian clothing… which in my mind basically boil down into 3 categories: 1) Flowy (like cloaks), 2) Vests 3) Form-fitting. Other notes include “heavier”, thick clothing being utilized when the Lugarian needs more stability in their flight… this is relevant in places with a lot of energy interference (Imagine “swimming” against a current) or windy locations. The Tor facility Lugarian uniform I don’t think is going to get remade for EP 005… but definitely is going to be re-done in EP 006.

I’d bother scanning my sketches and posting them here if they weren’t so crappy… they are so messy the average viewer probably wouldn’t know what they are looking at.