Do you ever start modeling and then come up with something that’s pretty different from what you planned to make in the first place? I think that’s what happened here.

I’m not sure this is the “newscaster” Lugarian I was looking for, it seems too formal… but on the other side of the coin an argument could be made that Lugarian ideologies could be much different than what we are used to. I’m on the fence as to whether I want to re-do the model and save this one for later. In the meantime, I’ll just polish this clothing model up a little while I think about it.

Random lore note: Things like floating jewelry gemstones or other freestanding elements of artwork in apparel are a common feature of Brakkian fashion design. Functionally speaking, this concept also applies to Brakkian technology in general.

EDIT: Got another model done… I actually used Parker’s coat from Lucius and modified it to look different and fit a Lugarian. It kinda looks a bit sportsey though.