EDIT: Here’s a hastily done “3d sketch” I did to help me visualize the clothing Karnagie and similar officials would wear. By “3d sketch” I mean modeling with absolutely no regard to poly flow and just focusing on creating an object that helps convey an idea. I may be sending this over to Parker, but I want to muddle it over and make sure the idea is clear and there’s no changes I want to make.

After taking a more detailed look at the intro segment of EP 005 (again, concerns intergalactic politics), I think it provides a baseline but it isn’t shaping up to what I’d like it to be so that’s something I’ll be re-working on today. I actually watched about an hour’s worth of political debates in attempts to pull in some valuable insight for nearly every aspect that I could hear and see up to and including the sounds of the individual’s voices, their tones, and ranges of vocal clues (IE: nervousness, cockiness, ignorant, and why/when they spoke that way). Granted, this is about a minute and a half worth of material but I want to take something, at least one thing familiar and shape it into the story. I may do another verification pass on Rudo’s segment as well, but my initial re-read doesn’t warrant any changes or revision.

I’ll then be working on uniform designs for Tanadranian government officials (Karnagie is technically one of them so he’ll get covered as well), then what I believe will be the two last actual character models required before starting on environmental modeling. I believe the last environment I created, the Wanderer’s Waypoint Hotel Station, required about 4 days to make so I’ll estimate it will be a 2 week endeavor.

So, by the end of this week my intention is to reach the environmental modeling stage… no promises on that though, but it is a goal.