I rewrote the introductory part for Delura EP 005 for the third time… I don’t think i’ve ever had this much trouble getting a solid idea down for any part of Delura thus far. I think this is due to the fact that I originally didn’t intend to do any kind of “media coverage” type content and it was a relatively new concept.

I do like this third script way better than the first two, so that’s a big plus and it is probably the one I will stick with. The only downside is that I wanted to compact the intro part dialogue into 1 1/2 minutes, but now it looks like it will be 2 minutes and 30 seconds (based on a test recording I did). One thing I’m concerned about is trying to trim down excess dialogue and events and try to limit it to only the very most relevant content… as much as I would love to be as detailed as I want, I would like to at least try to produce an episode that’s a little faster paced… whether that will actually happen remains to be seen.

I hope to have audition writeups done today so I can move on to backgrounds… I think I just kinda went “blah” last weekend.

EDIT: Meh, I’ll try to get auditions out tomorrow, let the current script sink into my head for a bit. In the meantime… 3d environments… I have doubts about my abilities but let’s give it a try!

EDIT2: To help me get on the right track in building this background, I’m thinking about the actual functions that are involved that would affect the physical layout of the place. Below is everything I can possibly think of that I’d need to put into the hangar facility. If any readers can think of anything else, feel free to chime in.


Ideally, a hangar is organized into distinct areas that allow the entire space to be utilized:

1) Manufacture energy-based goods (Maybe conveyor belts, fenced off storage areas, containers, etc. Resemble light industrial stuff.) This also includes taking large crystals and having employees use handheld laser cutters to break them down into usable materials.

2) Export energy-based goods to parking deck (for client layaway). This would likely be in the form of a very large door that can handle freight ships or railways.

3) Repair and maintain mineships, bearing in mind the tools and parts related to that job.

4) Deploy and receive inbound and outbound mineships (probably positioned close to #3)

5) Lunch area (probably enclosed in a windowed interior building). Or… perhaps a circular balcony situated high above.

6) Watch tower where supervisory personnel are staffed (enclosed)

7) portals, energy lifts, and emergency staircases for moving personnel around quickly.