I figured I’d make this a multi-part blog post… since, most likely, environments are all I’m going to be doing for the next 2+ weeks. This is something I consider myself very poorly adapted to… my work will probably end up being inefficient and perhaps a bit lackluster but maybe that will change with time. Modeling and surfacing are my weakest areas, meh. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting tips from those who may be more experienced than I down the road… I do spend research and development time into improving my work, but there’s only so much time that can be devoted to that and sometimes I feel like I’m just reaching out into the dark blindly. In this case… I’m trying to develop a workflow for making interiors that makes sense.

Anyways, some additional details about what I want to put into this room:

When mining for energy resources, the four points below are pretty much what happens

  • #1 Mineship returns with large deposits of energy crystals of various sorts into an open area.

  • #2 These large chunks are then cut into smaller pieces w/ handheld laser cutters, which are then cut by machinery even further in step #3.

  • #3 The cut pieces go into conveyor machine where pieces are sorted and undergo quality control. Impure pieces are filtered in this manner using a combination of organic observation (eyesight) and mind-controlled tendril-machinery (basically, instead of using your hands to reach out and grab something, the “device” uses your eyes and mind to allow you to have the equivalent of 10+ arms). This step is what is shown in the picture above. For those who have never worked in light industrial factories, you’re not missing much… its fucking awful.

  • #4 Automated flyers take crystal compounds from there to be converted into purified energy.

  • #5 Purified energy is funneled into physical containers to be made ready for sale and usage.

The sad thing is, as much detail as I’m going into how this place functions I wonder if it really matters in the end… would it really make a difference if I just threw stuff together without regard to how things work behind the visuals? Do producers typically find themselves with way, way more background information than they could ever possibly show in their work? Is it just a sign of inefficient work?