I had to make some fixes to the Lugarian model shown below… apparently a lot of her geometry got doubled somehow and even with point merge/unify polys it was hard to get things back to shape. I’m not going to worry too much about perfecting the model this time around, but as I am having ideas about a possible long-term character they may get some tweaks, fixes and updates before the next appearance.

I rewrote the Lugarian’s lines for the fourth time… heh, this is getting ridiculous. I actually meant to send out the audition for the “newscaster” today but I got sidetracked while trying to pose the character (had to do some fixes).

I will, barring issues, be finishing the audition writeup tomorrow. With luck I will find a talented female voice actor for this character below:

I may change her coloring and perhaps add a bit of texturing… I already have a purple/pink Lugarian in the series.

Actually, calling this a newscaster probably isn’t accurate. My intention is to create an organization that delivers illegal news if their “interest” doesn’t pay blackmail prevention fees. Of course… Ravazevexine wins either way as it’s basically a choice between ad revenue and bribe revenue. I don’t want to give any more than that away…

Anyways… as usual my first stop is going to be the Voice Acting Alliance forums for giving this character a voice… if I don’t find any candidates there then I will likely do some scouting and try to look up some demo reels. Technically, the Lugarian does not use thought articulators since it is a Lugarian media show but the audience can “auto-translate” the voice… so the voice actor is actually voicing the automated translation, not the character herself.