Man… this damn background is taking forever, heh. Below is some more thought put into how the place flows in general. There’s still a lot left to do… I need to flesh out the parking deck (add pillars, parking spots, safety railing for pedestrian traffic on floor 2+, etc.), add physical lighting structures to everything… yeah.

EDIT: I think I may move the entry/exit to the tunnels to right in front of the parking deck (wall closest to the viewport perspective)… it doesn’t seem to make as much sense for the mineships to travel across that much open space… we’ll see how it goes as I continue building. On the other side of the coin, the ships having to travel across the room might add some ambiance to the scenes I put in there.

On some positive notes, I’ll probably be able to get away with using this background for the next 4-5 episodes when I finish, and the backgrounds after this one shouldn’t be nearly as lengthy or difficult to make.