Things are finally starting to shape up I think… but of course still tons of work to do. Here, I fleshed out the Mineship parking area, the machine maintenance/repair shop (doors lead to parts warehouse), and the interior building that serves as an entry/exit to many other places. I still have 1 more main structure to put into place before I consider all the main stuff fleshed out. After that, my only remaining question into this room’s design is “what about that big empty space in the center? (the space is bigger than the picture implies) What do I do with it or what can I put in to make it feel like a functional part of the room?”. This same question could also be applied to the space just above the purple “materials export station”… I need to put a building there or some other thing.

Part of me is concerned as to how I can put some sense of scale into the interior models… without those little figurines there, it is difficult to tell just how big this place really is.