My initial troubleshooting leads me to think the partition on my primary system’s hard drive somehow became corrupted or damaged. Not to worry though, I know how to pull files off of a damaged partition so I won’t lose my work. It does have me kind of paranoid about being more prompt about backing up Delura’s files though… my last backup is from mid December 2011, and I’ve done a LOT of work since then.

Right now, i’m trying to find a way to preserve/fix the drive without reformatting to save me the huge hassle of re-installing all of my software and whatnot… I cringe at the idea of having to re-install and re-setup all of my Lightwave plugins.

If my efforts to save the drive fails, then it will indeed be a frustrating day of picking up the pieces and putting them back together. Just what the Delura project needs…


I managed to gain access to all the latest Delura project files (with linux recovery software) and am working to transfer them over to Taben’s computer, I will then perform some “riskier” measures to try to restore my system without re-installing windows. At the very worst, I’ll wipe the C:\ drive and re-install everything.

I suppose it could be worse… even though software failures are far more irritating, the only cost there is hours (or days) of frustration unlike with hardware which my pocketbook can’t replace.