The file backup process is taking longer than I thought… though I really shouldn’t be surprised.

The only method I have of transferring my files to Taben’s computer is a 7 gig USB flashdrive… I have ~100 gigs of data to transfer. This means walking back and fourth between computers every 20-30 minutes. I would just rip the HD out of my computer and plug it into Taben’s, but we don’t have the cables needed to use more than 1 hard drive in either of our systems (only 1 sata connector head)… I also can’t utilize networking: we have the cables, but lack the knowledge and software to network between a windows XP and Linux system.

Hell, just getting to this point has been a monumental feat… the CD burner on Taben’s computer broke, so I had to temporarily install mine onto his to load up the Linux shell program on. I did take the opportunity and do some dust clearing though, the systems were due for it anyways.

The only problem we face now is the concern that Taben’s computer does not have enough storage to save all my data, which I’ll have to prioritize and decide what needs to be deleted permanently and what can stay. Delura of course gets top priority, so its just my other personal crap that I’m cleaning out.

I am planning to get my system back up and running by friday if not sooner… we’ll see what happens.