Good news finally… My system is back up without a complete re-install. Looks like this time the gargantuan backup I put on Taben’s computer wasn’t needed.

Unfortunately, there is a lurking problem that’s looming over my head that i’m going to have to deal with eventually. The hard drive on my main computer has a LOT of bad/corrupted sectors on it according to scans and i’m worried it could randomly die on me again like it did today. I’m going to set up a network .BAT file that runs every time my computer starts up that at least transfers all my latest model/texture files (which are small) daily to Taben’s computer. I wish I had better backup solutions, but this will have to do.

I’m going to take it easy today and go back into full production mode tomorrow… by the gods that was exhausting.

UPDATE: Looks like the internet cable that my computer uses to connect to the router is fried (tested by using a shorter cable that works). My production updates will be infrequent until I manage to get it replaced, but I’ll still be working on Delura. Using the extra short cables we have means I have to unplug everything which isn’t feasible, Taben wouldn’t be too happy if I sacrificed his internet for my greedy purposes. Man, I feel like our equipment is falling apart. There’s only so much “Duct-taping” you can do to a computer system…

EDIT: This marks my 200th post.