My computer isn’t 100% yet, but I’m working on it. I recently had to do a re-install/setup of my video card drivers because my computer was randomly shutting down while running any application that utilized it. But While fixing that I also ran into another problem where the windows installer service became broken, so I took the steps to fix that as well. I suspect it is the result of operating on a heavily damaged hard drive.

I got a little more texturing work done today, but I need to get these issues dealt with before Delura’s production can run smoothly again.

Oh, and good news, a friend of Taben’s had some extra ethernet cables lying around, so I can finally replace the one that got fried.

UPDATE: Looks like the “random shut down” when using 3d applications isn’t resolved… but I’m going to wait to re-install windows until next week. I don’t think it happens often enough to the point where I can’t work on Delura, but it is something in my fix-it to-do list. At least now I have the benefit of networking so backing up my data won’t consist of using what I heard is called “SneakerNet” (walking back/fourth between computers with removable media as a means of transfer).

UPDATE 2: ok I lied, I went ahead with the re-install realizing there was a “upgrade/repair” option. No problems so far… cross your fingers!