Notice the blog text is centered now? I’m adding a left sidebar, but undecided as to what I want to put there. I’m making some changes to the layout but its a work in progress, so sit tight, things may get a little messy from experimentation before I clean everything up.

This blog and website needs a little bit more fine tuning… I am pretty satisfied with my current method of building onto this website though, I figure if I just do a little bit at a time this page will become more robust and user friendly.

My to-do list regarding the itself:

-Add left sidebar
-Add Recent comments? (undecided left or right sidebar)
-Move links from top of page to side. The top links will get too crammed eventually so I may as well do it now. I may leave some links above though that encompass broad topics.
-Add a monthly archives dropdown option for easier navagation of blog history… although I normally hate dropdown menus, things concerning long lists are an exception… I really wish today’s programmers would figure out that dropdown menus are awful, awful choices of implementation if the function consists of less than 10 options.
-Remove calendar… I feel it doesn’t quite work well for this blog, unless someone disagrees.
-Remove old post archives links. Having 2 categories, with 1 category almost never receiving updates doesn’t come off as useful to me.
-Fix the remaining pages that don’t have the blue backdrop (I have to delete and re-paste their content).

-?Add a developer forum? – This one’s up in the air and is probably a good ways off. If I even end up working with more than 2 people on a regular basis, I plan to implement a passworded forum (only for Delura devs) to help organize tasks that Delura installments need fulfilled in order to complete the episode. This, of course, would require me to plan exactly what visual assets I intend build ahead of time. My current thought is that the forum would only concern visual elements… but if need arises could branch out to other areas of production as well. When more than 2 people are involved, a forum makes a lot more sense than exchanging emails.