Hmm, comps still shutting down unexpectedly while working. I lost about 2 hours of work due to my scene reverting all the textures to “default” after shutdown… luckily I’m doing regular backups and was able to recover an older version of the file. I’m going to make a checklist:

-Temperature: Checked this for both CPU and Video card, normal ranges were observed.
-FANS: All operational, checked power supply fan as well.
-Software: Re-installed windows but only used a repair option. It is possible this is the issue, but clean install is a last resort option. (I’d rather rip out and swap hardware than go through software re-setup).
-System hardware: Hard drive has many damaged sectors and could likely be the issue behind the cpu shutdowns, but I do also want to check the video card. Since Taben and I have identical computers, I’m going to swap the video cards and see if anything changes because Lightwave is the only application to make my computer unexpectedly shut down since my attempted fixes… it is also the only application that I regularly use that utilizes the graphics card in a meaningful capacity, prompting investigation.
-RAM: Faulty (or improperly seated) ram is also something that can cause unexpected shutdowns like what I’m experiencing. I have two 1-gig sticks of ram, so I’ll do two trial runs using only one of the sticks at a time. Fortunately, I don’t think Delura is too demanding memory-wise so I don’t expect it to cripple me if a ramstick is busted.

I’ll just tolerate the random shutdowns for now, being careful to back up everything I do as I peck away at this to-do list.