I tested most of the hardware on my computer by swapping it with Taben’s components, so I can confirm, aside from the hard drive, that Hardware is not the issue. My computer is back to bluescreening before it can boot fully… I suspect it is because of the shutdowns that kill my PC in mid-function that instigated the problem as I was testing out Lightwave after hardware swaps.

I will have to do my “last resort” option of re-installing windows and re-setting up all of my software. Before doing that though, I’m going to follow the steps I did previous to get my computer in a semi-usable state so I can use our network to do a more complete file backup between mine and Taben’s computer. I’m still going to lose a lot of data (nowhere to put it), but I don’t really have any other choice.

If after the re-install I still experience these issues, then I will be able to confirm that the hard drive needs to be scrapped and I need to seek a replacement. Personally, I’m hoping I can just lock out the bad sectors and that it will keep going until I can manage to save enough to get a suitable replacement that has extra storage for someone who does a lot of video like myself.

While my computer is working in the background, I may just take the extra time to update the Delura website as I described in my Feb 7th post.

This has been an absolute nightmare… I really hope the re-installation goes smoothly. I seem to run into snags and problems in every step of what i’ve done so far.

Some of my fix attempts of previous in a nutshell:

Hey let’s do a “repair install” of windows!”… nope, your cd rom is broken. “Windows cannot do a repair because the partition is corrupted”… ok, Swap the cd drive, find out the recovery boot program you intended to use can’t be booted from flash drive… re-swap drives, burn the boot cd, fix the damn partition, reswap… yeah, you get the idea.