My computer’s power supply is failing. This has been the central reason to why my computer has been shutting down when doing anything with Lightwave… it also explains why the problem was not entirely consistent, like when I mentioned in my “systems go!” post, it was working fine at that point.

I’m really kicking myself for not considering this power issue in the first place… I had remembered AFTER re-installing windows that the only removable component in my computer that hasn’t been tested is the power supply. I guess going so long without having to do any major computer repair has left me really rusty in that department… had I been presented with this several years back, I would have known this instantly.

I further confirmed this by doing the following:

-Ran Lightwave, move around viewport, always crashes within 1 minute.
-Ran 3d benchmark software, crashes immediately upon reaching radiosity (I used 3dmark 2005 demo)
-Anything that put more power draw onto my computer made it crash.

-I could not get the computer to crash (instant power down) at all.

So, while my old power supply can actually run my computer, if it does anything that makes the power draw go over a certain wattage it instantly shuts down. Consqeuently, the video card is the most power hungry part of the system which is why the symptom is most noticable in 3d programs. Granted, it was a 400 watt unit but it has worked for years without issue, so my conclusion is that it will eventually become completely unusable and i’m not sure I feel safe plugging it back into my computer knowing that at any moment it could short out and kill my other hardware components.

The Delura project is postponed until we can save enough to get a new power supply for my computer… I am sorry. I am not going to ask Taben to give up his computer, and i’d never have enough time on it to get any meaningful amount of work done sharing it with him.

This has to be the worst month ever…