I managed to get 24 seconds worth of animation today…

Now, this can be interpreted multiple ways. That 24 seconds consists of the following moving objects:

-2 main fully animated characters
-3 ship-type objects
-2 background characters using prefabbed anims
-Misc animations (IE: conveyor belt with stuff on it).
-The camera

So, if I really wanted to take a optimistic view, I could say I did 216 seconds worth of animated content… much more encouraging when put that way. The dropoff point hangar (shown in screenshot below) will consist of the heaviest workload of animation as it is the busiest area in TIMCO. I have it easy this time around, as in the wake of the disaster there would be far less traffic and busywork happening in the background, ships being sent away to avoid disrupting the investigative measures taken by TIMCO staff.

Regardless, here is a screenshot of the dropoff point hangar. I really wish I could reasonably do fancy stuff like radiosity, reflections and detail shadows but alas, it would take months of rendering to do so. I can at least do still images of high-quality pics. Maybe one distant day, when the average computer can make short work of the currently-heavy calculations of 3d rendering I can go back and re-render all our stuff in high detail.

EDIT: I just noticed Lucius is missing his pinky in this picture… … … *scratch head*