I’m happy to report that I finally got my computer back to the way it was before the crash (mostly) yesterday: All the software, drivers, etc are installed and setup and so far I have had no problems working on stuff… should I feel safe saying that? Heh. I didn’t get too much done yesterday Delura-wise, but I was surprised by the possibility of more help arriving for modeling aspects. More news on that later as it develops, I’m really excited about it.

I will be away from the house today through tomorrow afternoon, but will have access to a computer so I’ll be, barring any complications, working on all of the updates I talked about in an earlier post and will also FINALLY be posting an accompanying lore piece for the EP 004 page… I guess I never got around to it. “Lore” is just a random cut of life in the Delura universe that I intend to include with every episode for readers who want some inside details on how things function socially, economically etc as a whole. This lore segment will encompass technology etiquette and social standards for usage based on location.

Expect a fairly big change to the website’s layout and additions of content by the end of today.