I want to employ a flash driven sidebar… but am concerned that it may have adverse side effects. When I get it up and going (with links transferred to from top to left), let me know if there’s any problems that may not pop up on my end.

The reason I want to use flash is because it is easier to make context-sensitive buttons. Example: One of the links has a down arrow to the right of the text… clicking on it will expand a window over the entire sidebar (with X in the corner) to allow the user to choose suboptions. Also, if I really wanted to, I could program a button to send the user to a page depending on the page they are currently viewing… not that I can think of any reason why I’d want to do that…

EDIT: Man, I am REALLY rusty at using Flash for web-design stuff… I ended up having to pull up some really old website content I’ve made as a reference for some of the functions I want to put in.

EDIT2: I decided to remove the right sidebar and try to keep everything on the left side… the left sidebar should be visible on most, if not all the pages in this website when I finish.