Wow… I honestly didn’t expect this little thing to be so difficult to put in (updating it isn’t too hard though). Part of me feels like I’ve sank in a LOT more time than I should have, part of my issue is the fact I haven’t done anything remotely resembling web design this for at least 5-6 years… yeah, it has been a while. And no, I don’t feel manipulating wordpress counts as web design since I am limited to the options the authors and plugin writers give me. On the upside, perhaps it is a much needed refresher and could allow me to eventually start putting in more flash elements into the site for added artistic freedom, especially where animated diagrams and stuff would be needed.

I am not done with it yet, but I basically spent all night trying to figure out various problems that I ran into. Among them are:

-Links would not work at all (fixed, but not done yet)

-New window would open even with _self code in it (fixed)

-Flash swf was ignoring actionscript commands… switched from version 3 to version 2 and it works better… why do I always have to go back in time to find better software?


One other challenge I have with the website is formatting it so that the page doesn’t look so compacted… I’d like my content to be in a wider format but I’m not finding any easy options so far.

EDIT: I think I can manipulate the .css file to widen the blog to a more reasonable level… I’m too tired to work on it tonight, so maybe tomorrow.

Bugs and stuff aside, if you have any constructive criticism about the changes I’m making please don’t hold any punches! Heh. Don’t trust my web design skills.