Øystein of Norway and Raymation3d have been helping me out quite a bit with some of the 3d assets that Delura EP 005 will have and a huge thanks goes out to them both. Below are images of their contributions with some commentary.

I feel I can learn a lot from those who help me out and I’m always curious to see how other artists bring to life their content. It is always interesting to see the different approaches that people use to achieve the same or similar goals. Øystein sent me this insightful quote in an email partly in response to me talking about my uncertainty about my ability to model/texture:

“Texturing is something that I’m excited about, because it gives the object a story, and give it life. Next time you texture something, think about how it was created, what its made of, how the environment is affecting the surface of the object, and giving it wear and tear. Also think about that when your modeling something. Just some tips I have gathered through my own learning.”

I don’t think I ever thought of it that way… but it is a good approach that I imagine I will try to follow and think about in the future.

NOTE: non-render images apply low res “placeholder” versions of textures to speed up the viewport.

WIP railcar style vehicle…

In the meantime… I’m working hard to try to get the Delura website fixed up with better formatting and expect to have it done by tonight or tomorrow. I’ll be so glad when its done because I’m anxious to get back into actually working on Delura itself… but the website REALLY needs an upgrade not only to make it look better, but to make it easier to manage as well.