Not too impressive a result considering I spent like 20 hours on this update… but I do think it is a step in the right direction.

I researched more about cascading style sheets than I would ever want to in my lifetime… yech. I’m not sure I want to keep the sidebar’s current look, I may change it later… I just don’t think it fits in with the rest of the theme I have going.

There’s still more I want to add to the site, but I think I’ve had enough of webpage manipulation for one month. I’ll be working on Delura production tomorrow (which is apparently now today).

Things I want to add eventually:

-Other stuff link which leads to misc animations and perhaps include my developer’s diary series as well.
-Credits page listing all of the contributors of Delura in one place.
-and… much later, more visual content to make navigation easier.

So… not too shabby eh?